Yvette The Coach is a narcissism/emotional abuse/toxic masculinity/toxic femininity expert, coaching empathic, victimized professionals through abusive relationships that include: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) — histrionic episodes, narcissistic traits — i.e., hostility, bullying, projection, devaluation, threats, gas lighting. Hostile relationships can show up in your life without warning, even at work. Go from over-stressed, sleepless nights, anxiety, hair falling out, dry mouth, digestive issues, smothering/suffocating, back pain, chest pains — to your happy place.

Feel like you need relief NOW? This minute? I understand.  My Beating Narcissism courses can get you some relief right now and then reach out to me at yvette@yvettethecoach.com. Find out more about the courses here.

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