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Yvette The Coach provides high level coaching, training, and mentoring. She also specializes in supporting the professional female gender struggling in emotionally abusive relationships that are exhibiting narcissistic traits and histrionic episodes. She has been supporting and helping people to follow the structure, and get back their calm and freedom so they can live the happy life they really want.

Yvette’s Boot Camp

Having life-coached for several years, and then finding herself in a debilitating, co-dependent, narcissistic, abusive relationship herself, Yvette The Coach created her, “Be YOU and Happy Too” project and watched it’s magic unfold with her clients.

If you are looking for answers for these highly emotionally abusive relationships you will get education, clarity, structure, a plan that works, and reassurance that you are not crazy — You will finally be in the right place with Yvette The Coach. Yvette proclaims, “Believe me, it’s NOT YOU who is crazy.”

Yvette’s boot camp is a unique 8-step solution that can enable you to abandon your ambivalence and dramatically and rapidly build your competencies, confidence and get back control by allowing the structured system to do most of the heavy lifting when it comes to day to day practice. This structure allows you to spend your time on what you do best – being the compassionate, high emotionally intelligent, empathic, cooperative, kind, thoughtful, considerate human being you are every day, without being violated for it.

What are the results you are seeking?

If you are seeking change then Yvette The Coach would like to be your advocate and support system. She will not go through the circular process of helping you to understand why life happened to you. She works with those who have come to understand why and how and are now ready to make the change. Why do you want to change? What are you wanting to do? Move through the change process via the support needed to expand your vision, motivation strategies, habits, and rituals.

Yvette has a master’s degree, graduating with highest honors in life coaching. She utilizes a strategic skill of uncovering one’s enthusiasm and true desire to reach new heights of awareness, success, and wellness in one’s business, personal relationships, the relationship with oneself and one’s spiritual life.

Cogitation…”Would this work for you?”

Coaching is a proven method to advancement. Here are some of the reasons coaching is beneficial:

  1. Coaching causes higher thinking and creativity, which helps build necessary momentum and consistency; two keys in reaching expansion.
  2. Coaching increases trust in oneself by taking small steps that build competence, confidence, consistency, and stamina.
  3. Coaching is transformational which normally cannot be done on our own.
  4. Coaching is how we stay focused via checking in and having a neutral partner who is focused on our success.
  5. Coaching can stop the circular thinking and the cognitive distortions that cause repeated unproductive behaviors.

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