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I specialize in confidentially supporting professionals who are emotionally debilitated and feeling uniformed about divorce, and/or in distress about their romantic relationship. We turn that around so you can get back your fortitude, inspiration and motivation, and create your new life.

A note from Yvette:
“When considering divorce, please, please session with me before you choose your lawyer. Divorce lawyers have expertise in different areas. If your biggest challenge is wrangling in the finances, sorting through a mess of debt and financial chaos, or asset protection that is overseas that you never even knew existed — and when you come to think of it… you don’t even know what protective asset accounts are! — you don’t want to hire a lawyer whose expertise is in child custody. You won’t realize at first that your lawyer has next to no experience in your most crucial needs. I see this over and over. Someone you know will refer the lawyer to you in order to help because they don’t realize it is the wrong lawyer for your circumstances. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. Please schedule an appointment with me via the link at that top of the page.” — Yvette

Breaking up is full of uncertainty and surprises. I am heavily trained and highly skilled in getting to the processes of breaking up and moving forward. I have specialization with abusive traits, narcissistic traits, histrionic straits or drama, and chaos.

When you are confused and uncertain about where life is heading, I can help uncover the clarity and provide the support, tools, resources, and relief to ease the pain.

I have compiled all my years of coaching expertise with my own divorce experience to create a practice to help you get your life back. I felt so lost, hopeless, ignorant, and incompetent about divorce. I failed miserably at divorce back in 2008 but you won’t. I know it seems hopeless in the beginning but you can once again be excited about your life and find happy times in what the future holds for you. One step at a time, your distinct situation will uncover the hope and possibility of what could be created for your future. Your experience will be structured, productive, and healing and we will focus on executions and getting to your desired results in all the areas of your life. I have made it my purpose to help people overcome the lack of knowledge, pain and the post traumatic stress of breaking up and divorce. Family and friends are not always the best captains of our ships. You are the best captain of your ship. You will man the sails, and I will be the beacon that will light your way.

Tackle The 5 Obstacles Of Taking Control

  • Move past the feeling that someone else has the reins.
  • Stop your local judge – who knows zero about you, your life and your family’s well-being – from making decisions about YOUR life.
  • Get past curling up in a ball, binging on a favorite old TV show.
  • Get past dragging through your divorce/break-up and walk through this new world with competence, power, confidence, and assertiveness not combativeness.
  • Be completely present and be the co-creator, fully in charge in this new life that is happening to you. Your new life is happening with or without your presence so you might as well “be” while it’s happening.

Your Life Is Transforming

I would like to be your advocate, your thinking partner, your structure, your support. I will not go through the circular process of helping you to understand why life happened to you. I work with those who are coming to understand that change is inevitable and they are ready to organize the change and be in charge of their life. I help you move through the change process strategically, focusing on your highest self and creating a new vision: step by step we will work together to make this happen.

Cogitation…Would Coaching Work For You?​

Coaching is a proven method to advancement. Here are some of the reasons coaching is beneficial:

  1. Coaching causes higher thinking and creativity, which helps build necessary momentum and consistency; two keys in reaching expansion.
  2. Coaching increases trust in oneself by taking small steps that build competence, confidence, consistency, and stamina.
  3. Coaching is transformational which normally cannot be done on our own.
  4. Coaching is how we stay focused via checking in and having a neutral partner who is focused on our success.
  5. Coaching can stop the circular thinking and the cognitive distortions that cause repeated unproductive behaviors.

Reach out to Yvette The Coach at yvette@yvettethecoach.com for your initial appointment so we can get you in forward motion!

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Yvette The Coach is a financial coach and investment advisor. Her strategic spending program helps those readying for divorce and after and helps young college grads in sales and marketing to become debt free and financially independent sooner in life so they can retire early. Yvette The Coach enjoys working with the financials of all situations. 

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