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Yvette The Coach is an expert narcissistic abuse coach and counselor, coaching empathic, victimized professionals through abusive relationships that include: Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD) — histrionic episodes, borderline personality traits, anti- social personality traits, bi0polar traits, manic bouts, sociopathic traits, OCD traits, anxiety, and narcissistic traits — i.e., hostility, bullying, projection, minimizing, suffocating, manipulation, devaluation, threats, gas lighting. Hostile relationships can show up in your life without warning, even at work. Go from over-stressed, sleepless nights, anxiety, extreme duress, confusion, chaos, hair falling out, dry mouth, digestive issues, being smothered/suffocated, back pain, chest pains — to your happy place.

Having life-coached for several years, and then finding herself in a relationship that became debilitating and draining she became full aware of the narcissists that had been in and out of her life her whole life. Once completing her master’s degree, she fully understood, and was able to put a name to the abuse she suffered.  If you are looking to be informed, skilled and free of highly, emotionally abusive relationships, you can get results with Yvette The Coach’s private sessions, her packages, and her Beating Narcissism course series. Go ahead and reach out to her and schedule your session here. You will finally be in the right support system with Yvette The Coach.

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Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Support Coaching

 Getting Expert Support for Narcissistic Abuse is Key

Yvette The Coach is an expert in narcissism. She supports those struggling in emotionally abusive relationships, that are exhibiting narcissistic traits and histrionic episodes, whether those relationships are romantic or familial. If divorce is your best option, she is certified to help you move through that process in the best way possible for your family, focused on your own wellness.

Yvette’s sessions, packages, and courses about narcissistic emotional abuse enable you to abandon your ambivalence (the should I stay or should I go dilemma); dramatically and rapidly build your competencies and confidence; and take back control. You will be informed and educated. You will practice! The results allow you to spend your time on what you do best – being you! — the compassionate, high emotionally intelligent, empathic, cooperative, kind, bubbly, thoughtful, sensitive, helpful, considerate human being you really are — every day — without being violated for it. When you just read that, didn’t it make your head spin that you are being violated for being a kind person? 

If you have gotten away from abuse or you are just about to make your escape, Yvette suggests connecting with her to get the full support needed for recovery and rehabilitation.

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It’s Not You Who Is “Crazy”…It’s The Narcissist

Yvette proclaims, “Believe me, it’s NOT YOU who is crazy.”

Narcissists love telling you you are crazy every time you hold them accountable for their behavior. Think about how 5 year olds acts when they are learning about the consequences of their behavior. Well, that’s what you are dealing with in a narcissist — a 5 year old. And worse, a 5 year old who knows better, knows what is right, but doesn’t care who or what they damage as long as that damage gets them served. 

Get to Your Happy Place After Narcissistic Abuse!

That’s right. Happiness is just around the corner. Once you get these hideous narcissistic people out of your life and learn how to not let any new ones in, you have taken back your power forever. There are tricks and tools that make it easier. Reach out to Yvette The Coach here.

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