Economic/Financial Dependence

is still going on. Taking away your financial security by threatening you, leaves you hopeless and helpless. It provides the abuser with immense power over you.  As younger women enjoy more opportunity for advanced careers, financial dependence is weakening. Some young women are still giving up careers to raise families and they are putting themselves in jeopardy. The hope is that if things go south for them, unlike their mothers or grandmothers, they will have opportunity to get out and save themselves by getting back into their careers so they can properly raise their kids in a sane, nurturing environment. If you have found yourself in narcissistic abuse, please reach out for support here.

For older women who gave up careers and then got trapped into an abusive life, there is still hope. You can rebuild your self-esteem and your life by getting the focus back on YOU! Take the Getting The Focus On You course or reach out to Yvette The Coach for support and tools here.