Hire an Expert Coach and Counselor for Narcissistic Histrionic Abuse Support

Certified master life coach, divorce coach, counselor and narcissistic abuse expert, helping you unpack your experience and discard whatever is no longer serving your wants, needs, goals, and future.  

Yvette The Coach, Yvette Williams, graduated with high honors, with a human services master’s degree in counseling and life coaching. As life coach, Yvette has been supporting and helping lives expand since 2007. Yvette The Coach’s specializations are: Narcissistic and Histrionic Emotional Abuse Support and Recovery; Divorce and the Finances; and Money Coaching. Yvette The Coach has become the go-to coach for breaking the traumatic bonds of narcissistic and histrionic emotional abuse as she is an expert in the area. 



One of the most important revelations when being emotionally/mentally abused, is realizing it is abuse and “waking up” in it. Now you are awake. What will you do next? 

Getting The Focus on YOU!

“Respect---like love, trust and sex...must be earned over a long period of time. The narcissist will move at the speed of light in the beginning. There's no taking one's time. He is a master manipulator. He will fool you -- during your love "delirium" with him -- that he respects you. He puts you on a pedestal fooling you that he is earning the imperative aspects that create a safe, healthy, and comfy relationship. He observes you in every way. Once he sees you are believing in his feigned love, trust, respect, and especially the sex -- sex that is an enormously feigned interest in YOU -- he will rip the respect out of the equation, and the abuse game is on! You will read all over online that this happens when the narcissist realizes you are not the perfect person they thought or wanted you to be. Don't be fooled by that!!! The narcissist always knows exactly how to get what they want. And what they want has nothing to do with thinking you were perfect and then no longer thinking you were perfect. They knew all along, but they always have an agenda and you were meeting it. They just wanted to play with you like a little child who is innocent of all responsibilities -- playing in their delusional little world. Once they are done with that, get ready for some gaslighting abuse, chaos, hostility, heartache, isolation, threats, evil, smothering, blame games, debilitation, exhaustion, manipulation, and downright torture like you never knew existed." -- Yvette The Coach

Some Absurd Apologies of the Narcissistic Abuser

Narcissist apologies leave you scratching your head wondering what just happened. At first you thought they were apologizing but then you somehow felt worse. They love that!

Let's Get The Focus on You!

You are not alone. I know once you’ve been isolated, it feels like there is no way out, but I am here to show you there is. I am aware that it is not proper to talk about being abused in your circles. How could someone living in the lap of luxury…or very close to it, say they are in a hostile, horrible environment? Looks pretty darn happy and good to others, doesn’t it. Who believes the trauma you live in? Well… ME! I believe it. I lived it! Take the Getting The Focus on You, course and discover others like you. We are everywhere! It’s just that the isolation and luxury disguises us and the trauma. Schedule your confidential session here.

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Who's Saying What?

What happens during the Getting The Focus On You course? Validation! YOU feeling worthy. YOU being understood. YOU feeling comforted. YOU expressing your bubbly self without being violated or devalued for showing your awesome personality! YOU feeling no more guilt or shame. YOU believing in you again. YOU being excited about something you are accomplishing without having your joy stolen from you. YOU feeling safe to be happy without the defeat and thinking, “What’s the point in feeling happy…it will just be taken away from me when I least expect it.” The Getting The Focus On You course is the way out of all of this. One step at a time. We invite you to take your first step.

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Commitments are often much more powerful than goals. 







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