Yvette The Coach M.A.,

Yvette The Coach M.A.,

Certified Master Life Coach, & Narcissistic Emotional Abuse Support and Recovery Expert: Helping You Unpack Your Experience.

Yvette The Coach provides high level coaching, courses, mentoring, and support in:

Are you dealing with a narcissistic, emotional abuser?

Do you feel like the narcissistic emotional abuser in your world is an average person or are they a high-profile person in your community? Does everyone think this narcissist is special and quite charming and wonderful, while you know they are the cruelest, most unkind, gaslighting, ego-maniac, biggest frauds anyone could ever know? And you wish you could tell everyone and show video and texts to world of what this person is really like?  And you know you can’t because no one would believe you and somehow you would end up being the bad guy in the whole scenario? Are you married to them? Have you been with them for a very long time and you feel trapped? Are they providing a lifestyle that you cannot provide for yourself? Are you providing the lifestyle for them? You wish you could divorce/break up with them, get away somehow, but you can’t even begin to wrap your head around how to do it and come out alive? Have you gotten away and now you are in the aftermath? Do they threaten you and tell you you’ll be sorry if you leave and they keep you unsure and wondering if they are right? They give you the, “You have it so good. I am so good to you” speech, while they further debilitate you each year you stay with them? Is your hair falling out? Adrenals pumping all the time? Is your mouth dry? Your stomach churning or in knots? Is the chaos so debilitating you can’t do normal activities in and around your life? Are you getting more isolated? Are your friends giving up on you because all they can see is why don’t you or didn’t you get out? Maybe you’ve gotten out but the traumatic bonding is holding you in bondage and you can’t figure out why you don’t feel better now that you are out, and you need answers and relief?

You have just found your relief. Click this “schedule an appointment” link and really get a handle on what is happening, how to move on, and how to recover..

Yvette provides a 4-step process to recovering from a narcissistic emotional abuser.

  1. Being Heard and Validated: Finally
  2. Coming to understand and rebuild self-esteem, self efficacy, self-worth, and boundaries
  3. Coming to terms with money and where that insight will be taking you
  4. “The Antidote” – Healing and recovery practice
Quick Info about Yvette The Coach

Yvette Williams graduated with highest honors, with a human services master’s degree in counseling and life coaching. As life coach Yvette has been supporting and helping lives expand since 2007. Yvette’s specializations are Narcissistic Emotional Abuse Support and Recovery, Divorce, and Personal Money Management Coaching. Yvette The Coach has become the go-to coach for breaking the traumatic bonds with narcissistic emotional abuse as she is an expert in the area. 

“When considering divorce,  please session with me before you choose your lawyer. Someone you know will likely refer a lawyer to you. It will be someone they know or heard about. They want to help but they don’t realize they won’t be helping. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. I can help you through the bewilderment. Please schedule an appointment with me here. — Yvette

Reach out to Yvette The Coach at yvette@yvettethecoach.com
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Yvette The Coach’s Mission

“My coaching mission: I will help as many people as possible to be emotionally, mentally, financially, spiritually, and physically free so the entire ecological system of their life experience is whole.”

Relationship Coach

Yvette The Coach is an expert in narcissistic emotional abuse support and recovery.  If you are or were in relationship for a long time with a low-down narcissist or a high profile narcissistic emotional abuser, Yvette The Coach confidentially works with you to regain your self-respect, self-confidence, self-worth, and create boundaries that hold. Yvette the coach works with you to educate you and heal the traumatic bonds. At last you will  be heard!  These hostile, debilitating and often so-called pillars of a community who are narcissists or emotional/psychological abusers, can be surgeons, CEOs, business owners, lawyers, judges, police chiefs, doctors, religious figures, news casters, entertainers, politicians,  school superintendents or principals, chairmen of boards, or just lowly struggling semi-humans! That’s right. They are often NOT societal degenerates. These narcissists have followers and loyalists. The community views these high-profile narcissistic abusers as quite special and even amazing because they have no idea who these narcissists truly are. The narcissist is a master manipulator and a master at hiding to the public how ugly they really are. But you know! Their grandiosity about themselves has no boundaries and the delusions they have about themselves and their lives are quite perplexing once you know how ugly, damaged, and insecure they really are. If you feel or felt stuck with a narcissist who is not high profile, they can be even more debilitating because they don’t provide the luxurious lifestyle that gives victims luxury excuses to stay.  In addition, Yvette works with and supports victims of family narcissists, and victims of narcissism in the workplace.  Yvette’s coaching, support, group, and courses educate and teach new skills that free oneself of these debilitating people and their hostile behaviors. Get to your happy place. Schedule your appointment today.

Financial analytics

Yvette The Coach is a Personal Money Management coach and investment advisor. Her strategic money management program helps those readying for divorce/breakups and helps young college grads in sales and marketing to become debt free and financially independent sooner in life so they can retire early. Yvette The Coach enjoys working with personal money management in general.

Divorce coachin-Yvette

Yvette The Coach is  specialized in confidentially educating, supporting and assisting in divorce and helping you organize your personal money for divorce. “Please, session with me before you choose your representation.” 

If you are emotionally debilitated or being gaslighted and denigrated by a narcissistic abuser or you’re feeling uninformed about divorce we can turn that around so you can get back your fortitude, self-worth, inspiration, and motivation to create a new life.

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