Divorce Counseling/Coaching with Yvette The Coach M.A., CMLC, CDC.

Certified Master Life Coach (CMLC) and Certified Divorce Coach (CDC).

Unpacking your experience & the exact steps to do next!

Breaking up is full of uncertainty and surprises. I am heavily trained and highly skilled in getting to the processes of breaking up/divorcing and moving forward. I have specialization with abusive traits, narcissistic traits and NPD, histrionic traits and HPD, dramas, gaslighting, financial dependence, and chaos. Finances are extremely important. Let’s get you to the right lawyer for you. Let’s get you on track right from the start. 

"The moment that you start to wonder if you deserve better, you do." -- geckoandfly.com

A Note From Yvette

“ When considering divorce, please session with me before you choose your lawyer.  Someone you know will refer a lawyer to you in order to help because they don’t realize it is the wrong lawyer for your circumstances. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. I can help you through the bewilderment. Please schedule a confidential  appointment with me here.” — Yvette

"If you're brave enough to say goodbye, life will reward you with a new hello." -- geckoandfly.com

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February 3rd, 2022

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What Are You Going To Do?

Tackle The 5 Obstacles Of Taking Control

  • Move past the feeling that someone else has the reins. You hold the reins of YOUR life. 
  • Stop your local judge — from making decisions about YOUR life. Don’t go to divorce court. YOU make the decisions. 
  • Get past curling up in a ball, binging on a favorite old TV show. Do it for a while and then move on. 
  • Get past dragging through your divorce/break-up and walk through this new world with competence, power, confidence, and assertiveness not combativeness. I’ll instill the knowledge in you that will bring you to your confidence, courage, and fortitude. 
  • Save the “fault” for Civil Court. Ohio is not friendly to “fault” divorce. Just get your divorce. Get your half of the marital property, which is yours. You can go after lost finances, medical expense, and pain and suffering in Civil Court. Your new life is happening with or without your presence so you might as well “be present” while all this is happening, and get the half of your marital life you are entitled to.

The Accountability Phase

There is a tendency to feel guilt once getting out of a narcissistic, abusive, gaslighting, chaotic relationship. Remember, you are never responsible for someone else’s behavior towards you. What are you accountable for? Well, perhaps you stayed too long.  There is no way to have a full understanding of these horrible, abusive, manipulative, high-profile people. They seem like sophisticated, upstanding individuals, and they are often charming, witty, and charismatic. So you can cut yourself a break on the guilt, and be sure that there was no way to know what you were really in for until you went through it. 

Honing the Skills of Divorcing a Narcissist

I cannot sugar coat it. Divorcing a histrionic NPD (abusively dramatic narcissistic abuser) is going to be the hardest thing you will ever do in your life. That is why you cannot depend on friends and family. They cannot take it, and you will devour your relationships with them if the narcissistic abuser hasn’t already caused that. There are do’s and don’ts with these unstable people, and I have them ready for you. I have compiled all my years of coaching expertise with my own divorce experience to create a practice to help you get your life back. I felt so lost, hopeless, ignorant, and incompetent about divorce. I failed miserably at divorce back in 2008, but you won’t. I have spent the last 16 years of my practice ensuring you don’t make those mistakes. I know it seems hopeless in the beginning of your divorce thoughts, but we will get you completely organized. You will have the tools you need. The rest is up to the Universe. You can once again be excited about your life, and find happy times in what the future holds for you. One step at a time, your distinct situation will uncover the hope and possibility of what could be created for your future. We will focus on executing steps, and getting to your desired results in all the areas of your life. I have made it my purpose to help people overcome the lack of knowledge, pain and the post traumatic stress of narcissistic abuse and divorce. Family and friends are not always the best captains of our ships. It seems likely to lean on them but they are not your captains. YOU are the best captain of YOUR ship. You will man the sails, and I will be the beacon that will light your way. Reach out here. 

Divorcing an abusive person such as a narcissist or histrionic abuser, takes tenacity like you never knew existed in you. But it’s in there. Do you know how I know? Because you are still alive and reading this! You are insanely strong and resilient. Otherwise, you would not have ever survived the kind of chaotic, mind/emotional games, cat and mouse games, and pain, I know you have been through. I know you have been horrifically gaslighted to the point of complete debilitation and exhaustion. I know you have been debilitated and then rescued over and over to the point you don’t know which way you are going anymore.  I know you have been isolated in ways you never knew possible. I know you are being smothered to the point you can barely breathe while being told you are his whole world, and everything he does if for you because he loves you so much — of course this is during one of his episodes or right after. I know you are being disrespected in countless ways, and I know you are or were recently being coerced into sex with him…the hideous creature you can no longer even stand to look at, let alone be in the same room with, while the question rears up, “What was/IS all of this?” Schedule your confidential session here.

Feeling like you can't even rally up the energy to talk with me?

Take the Getting The Focus On You course, and begin getting YOU back. The consistent chaos and confusion you have been in is coming to an end. Take this course to rally your motivation to find YOU again! After the course you are eligible to join The Emerging Phoenix Society! 

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Yvette The Coach Can Help

I know it seems daunting, but there is a way out of abuse. It’s one step at a time. It’s strategies and steps that you don’t have to figure out. I have them ready for you. 

I can help. Schedule your confidential session with me here