Health Coaching: Weight Loss​

“It has been a challenge, but Yvette The Coach — my super skilled — certified life and health coach, has been wonderfully supportive, informative, helpful, and amazing — she has the structure and the action steps, and the skill to keep me executing my plan. She inspires the motivation to incorporate healthier habits and financial wellness and…she’s a wealth of information!
I forgot to mention, at my yearly check-up, my blood sugar was 76–NOT a fasting sugar, and my BP was better than normal. My doctor has taken me off my meds completely. I also took myself off of the meds I was taking for reflux, as my symptoms have gone away–after over 10 years. I’ve watched over 90 lbs disappear because of the habits Yvette The Coach has helped me to discover. It feels amazing to be back down to a doable weight and I am not stopping. My new lifestyle is forever. Oh I did I mention I am not using a cane to walk around anymore? Yvette’s coaching is perfect for my busy, always different, on-the-go schedule. It’s a LIFE CHANGER— oh and Yvette will keep you remembering your WHY!”

– Helen H.

Relationship Coaching: Narcissistic Traits​

“I thought he would absolutely make me a crazy person because he was always blaming everything on me. He was always changing the story around until I didn’t even know what he talking about anymore. A friend told me had to be a narcissist from all the stories I kept telling her. Once I looked it up and read the behaviors I just went in to an awe feeling like I was breathless! because everything was exactly what he had been doing for 8 years! I knew I was going to have seek support and get all kinds of back up to get out. I found Yvette the coach through some divorce site I think and I took her program and that changed everything. The strength, courage, confidence, support, knowledge, and inspiration I got from her skills and coaching and the practicing led me to my freedom. I am healing now and rediscovering happiness and ME and I’m confident in knowing I will never be in a relationship like that again. I can spot the narcissism a mile away now! I can’t thank you enough Yvette The Coach. You saved my life.”

– Brenda P.