Psychological/Emotional Abuse/Gaslighting

This type of manipulation and abuse begins so subtly, the target doesn’t understand what it is, and seeks to understand. The seeking to understand is what the abuser loves about the reliability of gaslighting abuse. It works every time to get complete power and control in the relationship and make the target invisible.

While the target seeks to understand, the abuser moves in more and more with the hate-filled chaos, absolutely reveling in the target’s pain. The abuser is immensely fed from seeing the target in this kind of pain. It is the narcissistic abuser’s most favorite form of abuse and control as it is so predictable. Don’t ever believe for one second that the abuser doesn’t know or understand what they are doing to the target.

Gaslighting is the mother of ALL abuse! And the abuser knows it! When they begin doing this, you will see their evil like you have never seen or felt evil before. No movie, show, play, or demonstration can recapture the depth of the evil you experience in these people who do this as narcissistic abusers. I have yet to see words that effectively articulate the type of evil displayed in these individuals who are possessed with this narcissistic abusive gaslighting skill and the way it makes you, the target feel. It is a darkness and sucking sensation where there has yet to be any fully effective re-dramatization  or scientific demonstrated/duplicated display of what one sees in the abuser who is doing it, and the feeling it instills in the target when done to them over a long period of time. For help with surviving gaslighting abuse reach out to Yvette The Coach here.