oversight on the target’s part. The narcissistic abuser does know what he is doing. Don’t be fooled by what you read online. They are MASTER manipulators. They ALWAYS know what they are doing. If not, then they are not an NPD — They have some other disorders. Don’t be fooled though. Don’t tell yourself they are not NPD and they don’t know because they have some other disorder. If it looks like a duck, it’s a duck!

They are always home. Why is that? Because home is where they get the most servicing of their 5 year old emotions and needs. You were chosen for your ability to baby them no matter how bad they treat you. They blame you for their bad behavior.

You will be required to coddle them after they have abused you. They pretend to see it as, how could you do that to them, MAKE them abuse you! You should be appalled at yourself for making them do that. They tell you, you need professional help for causing them to abuse you when they love you more than anyone ever has. Sound familiar? Now they will suck the life out of you even more, follow you around the house, have to be with you every second, love bomb you to ad nauseam, and not allow you any privacy, or space of your own, especially you will have no space in the relationship — Your thoughts, feelings, and emotions will be smothered out until all that are left are his.  For counseling and support schedule your session here.