Narcissistic Abuse! Toxic Masculinity! Toxic Femininity! Emotional/Psychological Abuse!

Is there someone close to you who is pouring their toxicity all over you, smothering you, denying your needs, threatening the entire ecological system of your life? Poisoning your eating and water intake habits, your quality of sleep, your physical activity, your social interaction, personal development, communication and emotional intelligence, financials, good memories and leisure, purpose and creativity, your self-constructs, stress levels, and spiritual edification? Someone who is disrupting any or all of these is unacceptable. Is it your boss, co-worker, partner, spouse, parent, family member? Maybe it’s a loved one who in one breath is putting you down and/or threatening you and in the next breath telling you how much they love you? Are you drained, devalued, debilitated to exhaustion? Are you experiencing threats, trivial demands, isolation? Is your hair falling out? Are your adrenals pumping? Are you being denied sleep? Have you had enough of the “crazy making?” Is Beating Narcissism now your focus? I hope you will consider overcoming being around a narcissist!

Remember… the narcissist needs you in close. They cannot suck the good from you that they are missing in themselves and do the damage they need to do to you that feeds their evil, if you start backing away. If they feel you backing away they will suck you in further with gifts (they might buy you are car!), promises (“It will never happen again,” ask you to marry them or leave you their fortune), and temporary good behavior so as to guarantee their feedings on you later. Nothing they do is ever for you or to benefit you, ever, and they are never consistent for any length of time. And…they don’t discard you until they have secured another feeder. It is most inconvenient for them. You are to serve their agenda. Period. And they always have one. For the narcissist, it’s not about love, connection, communicating with you and being in relationship. It’s about being right, and monopolizing you and all the power. You will never be heard by a narcissistic person. Please get this.

Get free to be yourself again. Get YOU back. Learn the strategies. Learn the skills. Educate yourself. Yvette The Coach can help you rebuild your self-constructs so you can be strong in a good way, without the resentment! My Beating Narcissism Course Series, provides the relief so desperately needed.”

Be the empathic person you really are again without being abused for it. Be your bubbly self again. Learn how to spot the narc signs immediately and never have them in your life again. Learn how to fight back with knowledge and posture not arguing. Make your own decisions and experience joy again. Rebuild your self-constructs. Reach out to Yvette The Coach at [email protected].

Do you feel like you need some relief this minute? Take my proven confidential program and then reach out to me. It is not costly. Get free of narcissism and emotional abuse, forever. Get the transformational courses, Beating Narcissism, here.

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