I’m Done With This! How many years will you say that?

You know you have to leave yet you keep waiting to find the best time. The problem with this is it can keep you locked in for years. There is no perfect time. The best time to leave is right now. One thing I know for sure is you – a likely narc enabler — have amazing people skills, wherewithal, tenacity, loyalty, stamina, AND courage.

How do I know this? I know this because a narcissist, emotional abuser, or NPD person will never waste one second with a feeder (the narc’s partner/s in relationships or career is/are often called their feeder) who has none of those exceptional social skills just mentioned.

The narcissist must conquer someone and if you do not possess extremely great human qualities, empathy, and social skills, the narc has nothing to conquer, and therefore, he/she will not waste one second — not one! of their entitled and superior moments.

One of the points I like to suggest is to seek out a specialized coach for getting out of these narc situations. There are many types of coaches. A life coach specializing in narcissistic traits in relationships is what I suggest. There are not many available but they will be your best source for moving through the process.


Therapy is also useful. A lot of emotional stuff might show up once you begin the process of leaving and you must stay in action so use therapy only for about 6 weeks. What I don’t want you to do is keep talking in circles with a therapist and telling your story over and over. I want you to rewrite your story and make it one or two short sentences with a positive ending. Hire your coach and stay with your coach for at least two years if you can. If you would like to hire me please go here to schedule a consultation.