Why Do People Get Married?

Why Do People Get Married?

  1. They want to be in a lasting relationship
  2. They meet and feel a connection
  3. They begin to plant-loving seeds via interest
  4. They begin to grow roots via the seeds of interest and begin trust, support, respect
  5. They begin to plant seeds in sex for safety invulnerability and another level of trust
  6. They begin to feel comfort, safeness, security, acceptance, relaxed, which all water the seeds
  7. The seeds start to grow and the couple begins to work on communication, which feeds and nourishes the seeds
  8. Their ability to communicate effectively and unselfishly starts to build a root system
  9. They begin to have an “other” focus over a “self” focus and the roots begin to grow down deep and wide and take a stronghold as the couple learns to share and hear each other and have an empathic concern, compassion, and understanding for the other’s needs, concerns, hopes and dreams
  10. They begin to share activities and common interests while at the same time celebrate the other’s interests and accomplishments. They give their attention to each other while participating in activities and they do not disrespect the moments by displays of focus in technology devices or being somewhere else emotionally other than where they are.
  11. Family and friends mix into the relationship and the couple begins to build wonderful memories of giggles and uncontrollable laughter and moments of joy and roots grow strong and healthy as the relationship is nurtured
  12. The relationship goes through it first “season” and comes out stronger on the other side. There are more seasons and the relationship only grows stronger as the trust deepens from the demonstration that each person is always there for the other one and neither threatens the other’s sense of self and well-being.
  13. Their support, understanding, appreciation, compassion, empathy, respect, and listening is ubiquitous in the relationship and revealed inconsistent behaviors that display love and safety towards the other person through thick and thin
  14. They find their space and place within the relationship maintaining autonomy via respect
  15. Harmony results and they want to celebrate outwardly what they have created
  16. They get engaged and announce their commitment further deepening the commitment to each other’s well-being.
  17. They get married and reap the fruit of the seeds they have sown. The harvest is abundant. They share the beautiful memories and the abundance they have created and continue to create more. Nothing can destroy the foundation that was built. The roots of the plant are deep like an oak’s. The flowers or blooms will be vibrant. At times the harvest may be small as the relationship goes through a “season” but from the pruning comes new, bigger and brighter blooms because of the awesome healthy seeds that were sown in the beginning. The marriage will last and thrive as long as the plant and root system continues to be nurtured with the commitment the two have made not just to their own well-being but to the other’s as well.
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